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Richard Hartnell is among the most distinguished American contact jugglers.

His career in object manipulation now carpets the USA’s west coast and stretches across the Atlantic Ocean into several European countries. In 2008, Richard was a co-founder of the Bellingham Circus Guild in northwest Washington State. In 2009, he relocated to the Vulcan, a collective of movement artists in Oakland, California. He presently performs full-time, whether solo or as a member of a number of troupes.

From the fundamentals to the far reaches, Richard has a grasp of contact juggling technique that brings him repeatedly to stages worldwide.

"In the very top percent of contact jugglers skill wise"


From intimate indie stages to tremendous festival fields, Richard has years of experience leaving audiences walking away buzzing about the act. Three stage acts run the gamut from high-energy circus feats to transcendent storytelling acts.


Honed to perfection by hardened street audiences yet smoothly urbane in the parlor, Richard is top-notch at charming close-up audiences and adding flavor and visual ambiance to all kinds of events.


Well-known among fire spinners, Richard is one of a perhaps single-digit number of jugglers known to capably perform the “contact fireball” act. A resident artist at the Vulcan, one of the world’s most famous fire spinning collectives, he’s within arm’s reach of as many fire spinners as you need, guaranteed.


The Gentleman Juggler

Robed in the classic vest and tie, the Gentleman Juggler stands back and lets the tricks speak for themselves. Clean, witty, genial, and impeccably skilled, he fits in readily at any event, especially corporate events and family gatherings.

The Magician

Once upon a time, the "Magician" card in the Tarot deck was known as the "Juggler." Serene, mystical, and resonant, the Magician uses his enchanting powers to bend reality and transport viewers to a realm beyond gravity. This character brings real magic to any event - particularly those of a romantic or fantastic setting.

Cirque Nouveau

Contemporary circus remains one of the most popular themes for weddings and parties. Whether solo or in a troupe, the "Cirque Nouveau" style always adds spice, romance, and modern fantasy.

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2012 Commercial Demo


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