Festival recap: Bay Area Circus Fest

So stoked that I made it to the Bay Area Circus Arts Festival this year! Unfortunately, it wasn’t “right across the neighborhood” this year, since I ended up moving to Santa Cruz at the end of the summer. But Oakland isn’t a far jaunt from SC, and after a whole summer of taking days at a time to make it to the next fest it was a relief to only have to spend an hour or two in the car.


• That gala show. So many killer acts!
• Attendance. Maybe due to falling right after Portland Juggling Festival, there were a lot of “traveling family” from really far-off lands who made it down.


• Attendance. For something called the Bay Area Circus Arts Festival, where was the Bay Area’s vast dearth of local circus people?


• 100 catches of 5b cascade with ball on head daily: success
• Cuddle a visiting sweetheart: success


• Renegade show in the gym with all the kids invited isn’t a renegade show :p “Open stage,” yes. “Renegade show,” no…
• Sound volume was way too low for every gala act. If I recall correctly, I had to fix this for the sound tech during gala tech last year too…


• Dan Holzman running hats and can’n’balls in the gala show! I’ve always seen him in a comedy juggling context and to see him run a straight skills act was really something.
• Fleexy Flux did not hand-balance a single time in his gala act?
• Not performing in the gala show. Makes sense considering the whole thing got put together while I was overseas, and besides – there was easily enough locals to build a stacked show.